Customer Story Saving millions with iDashboards Scorecards

Company Vitals

Company Vitals is a professional services firm that helps small to medium-sized companies gain clarity, increase cash-flow, optimize and improve profitability. Using their finance expertise, Company Vitals helps entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners discover common problems and challenges by focusing on “Boardroom Vitals” and “Vital Performance.”


With their primary clients being entrepreneurs, Company Vitals was open challenged with the need to explain a financial principle, or metric, to a client that wasn’t necessarily finance minded. In many cases they would spend hours trying to help a client understand their data, and needed a solution that would allow them to more effectively and efficiently serve their clientele. The firm was faced with the growing need for a solution that would allow them to turn their Excel spreadsheets into something more meaningful.

“We researched 18 different companies but iDashboards was the clear winner for us… One of the reasons it really stands out are the graphics and different types of charts that have the ability to set ranges and trending. It was just the perfect tool, the best combination.”

Tim Weeks,
Director of Scoreboards and Technology, Company Vitals


Company Vitals set out on an extensive research project, evaluating nearly twenty different software providers and receiving extensive product demonstrations from five. Based on their unique needs, iDashboards In Cloud (SaaS) was the clear winner for the firm and stood out amongst the competition for several reasons. As a hosted solution, iDashboards In Cloud allowed Company Vitals to implement a dashboard platform without having to invest in IT resources or a server and was able to pull data directly from their Excel spreadsheets. The software’s standout graphics, expansive chart library, drilldowns, range sets and filtering options provided the perfect combination of features for Company Vitals and their clients.


After implementing iDashboards, Company Vitals proudly claims to be raging fans of iDashboards and the solution’s powerful and dynamic capabilities. Instead of spending hours trying to define a concept, they are now able to show a single speedometer or stoplight and instantly their clients understand, without sorting through hundreds of rows of data. With the iDashboards solution in place, Company Vitals now has the resources to help their clients visualize what is happening both financially and operationally through dynamic dashboards – a luxury that in the past only large enterprise level organizations could afford.


Company Vitals continues to receive tremendous feedback both internally and externally regarding the scoreboards and dashboards they have created using iDashboards. Their clients love the eye-popping visuals and interactive intelligence within the dashboards and are now able to see their key performance indicators at-a-glance resulting in more effective decision-making.

With the help of iDashboards, Company Vitals has been able to do their job much more efficiently and save their clients’ millions of dollars. For example, Company Vitals was able to review a company’s evaluation before purchasing a group of assets for $1.2 million. When Company Vitals went into the accounting system, they were able to analyze 10,000 rows of Excel data that suggested a profit gain. After manipulating the data with iDashboards In Cloud, they discovered it was actually a loss position. Their client was able to walk away from “the deal” saving them millions of dollars that they would have never recuperated. This is just one of many powerful examples of how real dollars are being saved and good decisions are being made with the help of iDashboards.