Customer Story Coldchain Technology Services Automates COVID-19 Focused Supply Chain Solutions

Coldchain Technology Services

As a pharmaceutical and health logistics provider, Coldchain Technology Services, Inc. delivers their solutions with innovation and medical readiness at the core of every operation. Real-time dashboards has allowed the volume and breadth of mission-critical shipments and inventory data to be automatically extracted by their clients on the frontlines of COVID-19. Transactions that were once communicated by spreadsheets and written sheets, are now precise and at-hand as Coldchain works with these clients to provide logistics support services across:

  • Disaster preparedness
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Fulfillment
  • Shipper Reclamation for Government Entities, Healthcare Networks, and Blood Collection Organizations

“The time spent preparing spreadsheets for all inventory transactions has been completely removed from our daily agenda. Our clients are able to extract the data at their convenience and be confident in its accuracy.

William McBride
Director of Corporate Compliance, Coldchain

Optimizing real-time data to prepare for future projections

Being able to ensure every essential client has accurate data the moment they need it is not the only outcome Coldchain has seen through dashboards. They have also made proactive measures viable for clients through the ability to forecast future purchases and outbound orders.

Increasing dashboard proficiency to build customer skill-sets

By eliminating time extracting data manually, Coldchain has had additional opportunity to scale operational efficiencies and mitigate bottlenecks by training customers on the use of dashboards. Through this knowledge base expansion, the team at Coldchain can focus energies on the healthcare support mission driven by their founder, Wayne Williams, an Army Veteran and previous Associate Director of Logistics for the CDC’s Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).