Customer Story Church reduces budget & expands services with iDashboards

Church of the Highlands

In 2001, Church of the Highlands set out on a mission “to reach people with the life-giving message of Jesus so that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ.” They strived to focus on the people and their connection with God, yet avoid getting caught up in the structure and programs. This drive has enabled the church to grow in attendance from 350 members in 2001 to more than 20,000 active members with multiple small groups and outside programs.


With multiple campuses and a growing congregation, Church of the Highlands was accumulating a massive amount of data. The church had lists and lists of data, and a seemingly infinite number of flat reports that were jumbled up on a slow system. Their staff often had trouble pulling the correct reports, and when they did the information was so complex that it was difficult to understand what they were looking at. In order to continue their growth and operate more efficiently, Church of the Highlands knew it was time to invest in a reporting solution that was easy to use, intuitive and powerful enough to meet their specific niche needs.

“Ultimately, iDashboards has helped our church to take on two multi-million dollar construction projects for new buildings and facilities and pay for it all completely with CASH!”

Evan Howton,
Financial Analyst, Church of the Highlands


While searching for a solution, Church of the Highlands concentrated on finding a system that could be implemented quickly, yet was aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and readily available for use on mobile devices. After trying several software evaluations, Church of the Highlands found iDashboards In Cloud (SaaS) to be the most powerful, intuitive, cost-effective and easiest dashboard solution to implement. Almost instantly, they had reports up and running using the trial version.


Currently, Church of the Highlands uses their standard SQL Church Management Software to generate Excel reports, which are automatically uploaded to iDashboards In Cloud using the solution’s Auto Uploader. They have been able to implement iDashboards in several areas of their operations such as Finance, Production, Events, IT, Worship Services, Productions, Children, Youth and College Ministries. The staff and board of elders can now accurately track weekly attendance, average giving per adult, all-time YTD income, growth of attendance vs. goals, volunteer pipeline, special events, etc.

Spending has significantly gone down now that they can compare data across the dashboards, drilldown into problem areas and make corrections quickly. Line-item budgeting used to be boring and tedious, but with the new interactive dashboards, budgeting has become a fun competition between departments. Overall, the appeal, ease of use and accuracy of the dashboards has enabled Church of the Highlands to take on two multi-million dollar construction projects for new buildings and facilities, and pay for it up front in cash.