Customer Story Bradley University Improves Fundraising Efforts with Real-Time Dashboards

Bradley University

Bradley University, a private university, offers over 100 undergraduate programs in 5 colleges and 30 graduate programs among other continuing education courses in liberal and fine arts, business administration, communications, education, sciences, and engineering. The 85 acre campus resides in the historic West bluff community near downtown Peoria, IL. Bradley University prides itself on small classrooms for intimate learning and strives toward excellence, leadership, innovation, and globalization.


After implementing a $150 million fundraising campaign for Bradley Renaissance, Bradley’s most prevalent fundraising campaign to date, they knew they needed a commercial fundraising package with reporting features to monitor calls, pledges, campaign goals, and other performance metrics. Multiple competing initiatives for IT resources require Bradley University to make strategic and smart technology purchases.

“We chose iDashboards for several reasons, including price and support, but primarily ease of integration. We love the fact that it works so well with existing databases, and that we can even have views in a single dashboard to multiple databases. It’s very powerful.”

Sandra Bury,
Executive Director of Computing Services, Bradley University


Bradley’s IT professionals evaluated multiple commercial funding bundles and dashboard applications. Based on their evaluation experiences, they chose iDashboards because of its cost-efficiency, customer support, and ease of integration. iDashboards connects to multiple data sources, including their in-house client server, to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and quickly develop dashboards within a few right-clicks of a mouse — without programming or coding.


Shortly after purchasing iDashboards, an iDashboards Technical Consultant performed a one-week, on-site training session for the development team where they began to storyboard and create customized, interactive dashboards. The first dashboard completed consisted of performance charts and tables which track the real-time progress of their fundraising efforts.


With iDashboards, Bradley University was able to implement a solution which delivered best-of-breed dashboards and replicates reports in real-time, just as a commercial package would, but for a much lower cost. The programming department has since developed several other dashboards, including call volumes and pledge metrics, and has interest in expanding the use of iDashboards throughout their organization.

Bradley University has found iDashboards to be an effective tool for decision-making, particularly due to its patented Interactive Intelligence, which highlights similar values and enables end-users to view the dashboards at-a-glance in an interactive and easy-to-read format.  Each development officer can access the dashboards pertinent to their goals and performance KPIs with iDashboards’ user-specified, role-based permissions. Personnel can now access their dashboards anywhere from mobile devices for quick and informed decisions.

Since the beginning of their fundraising campaign, Bradley University has well surpassed their $150 million goal, raising a record-breaking $161.2 million. These funds have increased opportunities for academic advancements, expanded and renovated the campus, and created 79 new scholarships.