Customer Story Bel Fuse displays production progress with iDashboards

Bel Fuse*

As a diversified manufacturing and technology company more than a century in the making, Bel Fuse employs more than 133,000 people in 235 manufacturing locations across the globe. Bel Fuse’s five core businesses — Network Power, Process Management, Industrial Automation, Climate Technologies, and Commercial and Residential Solutions — hold a prime global market position.

*Formerly Emerson


Bel Fuse was lacking a viable business intelligence solution to access data or display comprehensive metrics for its manufacturing facilities. Reliant on an Oracle database, Bel Fuse needed BI software compatible and easily implemented with its current data source.

For the first time ever, we are able to view and share real-time data from any of our offices all over the world.

Scott Hasterlik, Business Systems Manager, Bel Fuse


After reviewing more than 10 business intelligence products, Bel Fuse chose iDashboards to meet their BI needs. The simplicity of deployment, its ability to connect to varying data sources, including Bel Fuse’s Oracle database, and the economic value of the software led Bel Fuse to choose iDashboards over the competition.


After a successful implementation of iDashboards, more than 70 employees throughout the company use the software. Everyone from staff-level employees to C-level executives have access to iDashboards. With an additional license purchase in the forecast for Bel Fuse, even more employees will have access to key performance indicators, critical data statistics, and operational metrics gathered in the software. Bel Fuse uses dashboards to track sales, production, and shipment data from offices all over the world, all from one location. Dashboards throughout the shop display the day’s production, enabling employees to be motivated by their progress throughout the day.