Customer Story Astec, Inc. satisfies customer demand for real-time analytics with iDashboards partner program

Astec, Inc.

Astec, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets a complete line of continuous and batch-process hot-mix asphalt facilities and soil remediation equipment. Priding themselves on being a customer-driven company and striving to understand every aspect of their business, they have grown to become an industry leader and continue to provide products that solve problems and increase profitability. Astec dispatches their personnel worldwide and maintains a large inventory of replacement parts in order to keep their clients working quickly and efficiently.


Astec began to see a large market demand for a business analytics solution. Their customers were collecting mass amounts of data, but it was not readily available in time for them to capitalize on the information it was providing. In order to meet this growing demand, Astec decided to save time and resources by leveraging a third-party dashboard platform. Astec needed a web-based solution that was capable of pulling from multiple data sources, including Advantage Database Server (ADS) and MS Excel. In addition, they were also concerned with protecting the interests of their clients and finding a solution with a cost-effective entry point for a small number of users that could easily scale to a large number of users if necessary.

“Our new iDashboards-based product complements our existing product line by providing actionable real-time data that was readily accessible or intelligible to decision makers at the production site and at the corporate level.”

Simon Stanley,
Sr. Control Systems Engineer, Astec Inc.


Evaluating cost structure, promptness, and reliability of support, as well as the ability to see on-going product development, Astec looked into multiple dashboard solutions before finding iDashboards. After downloading an evaluation version of the software and rapidly producing a fully functional dashboard with ease, their decision was easy. Astec was impressed with the eye-catching graphics and expansive library of built-in chart types. The ability to easily manage user permissions, multiple options for report generation, and alerts for selected data thresholds proved to be beneficial functions that would complement their existing product line.


Since integrating iDashboards, Astec has been able to offer their customers a solution that allows quick and accurate tracking of overall equipment effectiveness. This includes availability, performance, and quality. With Astec’s typical industry prospect being major road construction companies, customers are using iDashboards to track and measure KPIs for shutdown and product changes during a standard volume of production, comparison of independent measurements of the same production variable, calibration accuracy, raw material usage, product availability, and product shipments. iDashboards complements their existing systems by providing actionable, real-time data that was not previously accessible or intelligible to decision makers.