Customer Story ARcare brings better data insights to staff and patients for better care

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ARcare is a healthcare organization headquartered in Arkansas that oversees 47 family practice primary care clinics. For over thirty years, ARcare has provided patients with and without health insurance coverage with quality care, regardless of their ability to pay. Their mission, “Health for All,” empowers more than 500 employees in three states to support healthier and more financially stable populations in the Southeastern United States.


Patient care is at the forefront of ARcare’s mission. According to Kara Brower, E-Learning Coordinator for ARcare, they had been “looking for a more effective and streamlined way to show data that would engage our users to better care for our patients.” They understand that when results are measured, they can be managed.

ARcare’s old reporting process wasn’t exactly timely. “Before iDashboards, reporting was sent out monthly in printed Excel spreadsheets. Most weren’t looked at, or there was never an understanding of what it all meant.” This meant that in addition to wasting resources, the data wasn’t actually being used by the people who needed it.

iDashboards gave us a better format and better understanding as to the direction we are headed in engaging our users in the knowledge needed to care for our patients.

Kara Brower,
E-Learning Coordinator, ARcare


It’s important to ARcare that employees have easy access to the data that relates to performance and patient satisfaction. That’s why they turned to iDashboards to measure and monitor patient care KPIs, as well as communicate insights to employees. This includes employees who don’t work at a desk! In fact, ARcare uses the iDashboards Wall Display to share important data with all their employees throughout their clinics. “We have LCD screens up in all 40+ clinics for clinic staff to know where they stand on providing our patients with the best care possible,” says Kara.

For Kara, the best feature of iDashboards is the ability to format dashboards in whichever way she wants. With the drag-and-drop designer, she is able to adjust and alter the 225+ chart templates available, which keeps her dashboards fresh in the eyes of the end user. “Anytime we change a format of data, it gets the attention of our users.”


By increasing transparency and access to metrics with iDashboards, there’s been a noticeable uptick in data engagement at ARcare. Compared to other data visualization software, iDashboards provided a “better format and better understanding as to the direction we are headed in engaging our users in the knowledge needed to care for our patients.” Not only did switching to real-time dashboards reduce paper and printing costs, Kara found that when employees have access and understanding to their performance metrics, this opens the door to better solutions and patient care. “Our users have become engaged in what the numbers mean, and how to correct the numbers they are low on.”