Customer Facing Keep your customers informed and connected.
No more emailing them static reports and spreadsheets.

Improve transparency & accountability for the audience that matters

Embedded in your web-site or Intranet web-page, our presentation dashboards keep everyone informed and engaged.


Inform the market segment you target with key information that can guide their decisions & brand loyalty through our customer experience dashboards. Stand out from the competitors by displaying trends that can influence positive consumer behavior at every stage of the funnel.

Customer Pie Chart
K-12 Education Dashboard


Maintain public trust through outreach of up-to-date metrics, local trends, & performance statuses. Leverage dashboards to generate support or gauge public action/sentiment that can guide future decision-making.

Partners & Stakeholders

Strengthen cross-functional efforts with those in your B2B network and keep affiliated leaders engaged by sharing accurate data & proactive efforts through real-time custom presentation dashboards.

Customer facing data visualization values