Company Data Driven.
People Focused.

Our story is your story

Every step of the way, our clients have played a quintessential role in shaping who we are today. Our solution and services are continuously focused on making you a champion and helping transform the way you do business by having data be your most powerful asset. Your data should not inhibit you, it should empower you. That’s the iDashboards difference.

Our mission is clear

The iDashboards mission is to empower clients to make informed decisions and visualize change through real-time insight and consistent, quality data. We want to give any professional the ability to succeed and lead innovation by delivering a data visualization solution that is interactive, intuitive, and intelligent.

Our culture is in everything we do

Data isn’t just about the numbers – it’s about the people. Across every department, from product engineers to account managers, our team is united by many attributes.  A history driven by passion. Genuine support and connections. Foundational values. We are strongest as a team, and take pride in collaborating to deliver the ultimate dashboard solution.

"iDashboards is a place where coworkers are part of a larger team, working collectively and efficiently to grow our company."

Olivia Kasmikha
IT Support Analyst

A foundation built on innovation

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