visual intelligence

Real-Time BI vs. Right Time BI

  We all make thousands of decisions every day: Chocolate or vanilla? T-shirt or sweater? Rent vs. buy? Real-time business intelligence (BI) vs. right time business intelligence (BI)? Okay, the last question isn’t one most people face on a daily…

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iDashboards Roadshow Visits 4 Cities for Complimentary Seminars

The iDashboards team is traveling to four cities this month as part of the iDashboards Roadshow. Our Roadshow is a seminar that educates business and technology professionals on the benefits of and best practices for implementing and utilizing dashboards. The…

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Are You Experiencing Smartphone Dashboard Overload?

Data visualization dashboards have a lot of uses for different situations, but the goal is always the same—to provide insight into key data at-a-glance, with the ability to drill down into the details as needed. For example, think of the…

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The Real Scoop on Dashboards

The term “dashboards” in the business world still generates a lot of confusion. Unfortunately, many decision makers don’t know what dashboards are, what they do, and, subsequently, how these products can help them make better business decisions that lead to…

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