time management

Closing the Data Science Skills Gap

Data has become a mechanism both relevant and present across every industry. The context in which data is used and the awareness of how it is used is unique to each industry and individual organization, but its capability to drive…

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Five Solutions to Improve Business Efficiency

Efficiency is crucial in all business operations. However, to achieve optimal efficiency, several factors must be considered by organizational leaders.  Efficiency is fundamentally a result of the entire work system of a successful organization, which comprises of productive employees, proper…

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How to Improve Your Team’s Productivity (Without Compromising Quality and Efficiency)

Does your team have a productivity problem? If so, they’re in good company. About 75 percent of employers say that more than two hours of each work day is spent being unproductive. That adds up to about ten hours a…

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Tired of Meetings That Waste Your Time? Dashboards Can Fix That.

Let’s talk about meetings. In the professional world, meetings tend to get a bad rap, probably because they take a lot of time and are (often) debatably productive. In fact, The Muse describes the amount of time people spend in…

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Setting Goals, Working Towards Them, and Actually Achieving Them

Ironically, I’ve been meaning to write this blog post about setting goals for a few weeks now and just haven’t gotten around to it. Truly, it’s more of a January topic; the New Year brings not only a flood of…

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5 Essential Project Management Metrics You Can’t Ignore

Success, for a project manager (PM), is the unicorn of product development: elusive but highly sought after and extremely valuable. Responsible for not only customer satisfaction, but the happiness and productivity of their team, project managers may find themselves in…

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