5 Additional Ways to Optimize Your Excel Usage

With so many different ways to utilize Excel, we continue to find new and unique methods for optimizing our reporting.  Similar to the previous five Excel pointers, these next tips will continue to help you solve your data challenges throughout…

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How Dashboards Can Help Banks Embrace Technology

In the late 1960s, the automated teller machine – a.k.a. the ATM – was introduced to the financial industry. During the adoption phase, banks realized their importance, but some were hesitant about buying ATMs, citing fears that they would negatively…

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Desirable Data: Does your Dashboard Charm the Business User?

The rapid growth of data is astounding. Between our businesses, our electronic devices and our websites, data is growing by epic leaps every year. It’s a powerful asset that’s creating new and exciting opportunities, allowing us to track everything—from productivity…

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