self-service BI

Ad Hoc Reporting: How to Implement It & Why You Should

Whether you’re a data scientist or a sales manager, you understand the importance of timely, accurate information. Additionally, you know how important it is to accompany your reports with succinct, clear, and easy-to-digest data visualization. Ad hoc reporting, in the…

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The Recent Hype Cycles of Business Intelligence

Having seen the last 15 years of business intelligence (BI) developments, one unmistakable phenomenon is the hype cycles within this segment. Hype cycles are like tornadoes – they start with a little shake-up in a few intellectual minds and then…

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Do You Want Instant Insights Into Data or Data Discovery?

Instant Insights vs. Data Discovery Per industry analysts, data discovery has experienced a meteoric rise within the last two years. Also referred to as “self-service BI,” it is the latest hyped concept within business intelligence (BI). As the Director of…

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