Are You Tracking the Right Facebook Advertising Metrics?

In light of Facebook’s recent focus on local commerce–like the little icon of a storefront at the bottom of your mobile app–it’s obvious 2016 is the year Facebook decided to step up its game in the business community. In fact,…

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#iDashboards16: How to Win the Enterprise Implementation Cage Match

You’ve reached our live blog straight from Las Vegas! #iDashboards16 is kicking off a session titled “How to Win the Enterprise Implementation Cage Match”. iDashboards’ Channel Manager John Melucci moderated this informative session with our amazing clients, Heather Rudolph of…

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5 Essential Project Management Metrics You Can’t Ignore

Success, for a project manager (PM), is the unicorn of product development: elusive but highly sought after and extremely valuable. Responsible for not only customer satisfaction, but the happiness and productivity of their team, project managers may find themselves in…

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The Case for Outsourcing to Deliver the Best Product for Your Customers

There are many critical points in the product development cycle; What features do we include? Which ones have to wait? Do we need more people? If we add this can we move our deadline? How many last minute additions will be…

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Big News for Big Data in 2015

With a growing number of organizations using multiple data sources as part of their daily business, 2015 is quickly becoming the year of “Big Data.” Growth is the only certainty; terabytes are now small change compared to the petabytes and…

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