Real-Time Reporting

Dashboards: Public or Private?

Public Dashboards: Then and Now Dashboards can provide wonderful insight into performance at an organization. Dashboards help manage goals, measure performance, and monitor key areas of operation. But the question remains, should your next dashboard be made public or limited…

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Data Visualization Speaks a Language that Traditional Reporting Lacks

During a recent client engagement, at a global network power connectivity supplier, I ran into a common theme, one of which I have experienced many times over – providing visibility, transparency, and insight into their operations.  I was there to…

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Line Charts – Show more than financial data

Trending data can be a great way to predict and analyze the performance of any metric. There are many ways to represent data with a chart. However, the best chart type to display trending values is the line chart. Line…

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Dashboards Can Improve Student Success

Working within the education vertical at iDashboards, you see common interests for administrators. Whether it’s a K-12 school district Superintendent or a VP of Academic Affairs at a 20,000 student university, the need is consistent. How can we improve student…

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