purpose of a dashboard

4 Ways To Use An Interactive Dashboard

4 Ways To Use An Interactive Dashboard From drilldowns to color-schemes, every pixel of your dashboard serves a purpose. If you’re looking to improve your data visualization strategy, or simply want to understand the fundamentals of effective reporting, the following…

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#iDashboards16 – iDashboards 101: A Complete Guide for Those Just Starting Out

Sean Warren here, blogging live from the #iDashboards16 Conference in Las Vegas.  Here’s some extra credit from the iDashboards 101 session. Purpose of a Dashboard Technical consultants, Ben Clark and Ken Rose, started the session by asking who in the…

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What is The Purpose of a Dashboard?

In today’s big data-driven environment, business dashboards generate a lot of buzz. You’re probably wondering what is the purpose of a dashboard and if it makes sense for your business to use one. Whether you’re a large corporation or a…

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