project management

Building a Project Management Dashboard

The most essential function a project manager can perform is keeping their team on task and on time. With so many moving pieces and people, though, it can be challenging to visualize the project’s progress in real time. Project management…

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Dashboards: Tools for Better Management

How Effective Managers Use Dashboards Management is a balance of getting those under you to work well, while getting those above you to understand how well that work is going. Dashboards help with both. Using some of the most prevalent…

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How to Improve Your Team’s Productivity (Without Compromising Quality and Efficiency)

Does your team have a productivity problem? If so, they’re in good company. About 75 percent of employers say that more than two hours of each work day is spent being unproductive. That adds up to about ten hours a…

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The Best Project Management Tool You Haven’t Tried

Project management can be a bit of a juggling act. Developing and launching a project involves a multitude of small assignments and subprojects that eventually lead to a polished and complete product. Whether you’re launching a website or starting a…

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How to Know if Your Meeting Was Effective

In the corporate work environment, meetings get a pretty bad rap. For many employees, few things evoke the levels of apprehension brought on by a pointless or unproductive company meeting. Even still, meetings are an important – if not integral…

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5 Essential Project Management Metrics You Can’t Ignore

Success, for a project manager (PM), is the unicorn of product development: elusive but highly sought after and extremely valuable. Responsible for not only customer satisfaction, but the happiness and productivity of their team, project managers may find themselves in…

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