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Oscars 2019 – Best Picture Nominees Dashboard #3

The 91st Annual Academy Awards are set to air February 24th, and though there will be no host (and limited musical performances by the Best Song nominees), Hollywood’s biggest night is cause for both celebration and critical analysis. Who will…

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5 Must See TV Data Visualizations

Ah, the Golden Age of Television. There’s so much to binge, dissect, and absorb these days, and so many angles to examine. For example, have you ever watched an episode of The Walking Dead and wondered how many zombies are…

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Oscars 2018 – The Best Picture Nominees Dashboard Refresh!

Dashboard Passion Projects: Visualizing the Nominees for Best Picture In 2017, when Oscar nomination time rolled around, a colleague and I got the idea to make a dashboard that could attempt to predict the Best Picture winner. While, as a…

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Oscars 2017 – Best Picture Predictor Dashboard

Dashboard Passion Projects: Making Academy Awards Predictions with Data As productive as we are at iDashboards HQ, we spend a good bit of time talking. We talk about data visualization, we talk about our projects and clients, we talk about…

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