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How to Identify the Right KPIs for Your Nonprofit

When it comes to measuring the success of your nonprofit, identifying the right key performance indicators (KPIs) is everything. Your nonprofit serves a purpose: to benefit a charitable and worthy cause. Like any organization, the first step to making your…

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Non-Profit Social Media Marketing Just Got Easier

Marketing For Non-profits Is Unique, Including Social Media When it comes to marketing a business, the most important thing is showing your audience why your product or service meets viewers’ unique needs. For non-profits, social media marketing is a completely…

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iDashboards connects with Andar/360

One of the best features of iDashboards—and one that truly sets it apart from other data visualization solutions—is its ability to integrate with other products and solutions in a way that helps decision-makers get the most out of their critical…

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Dashboard Technology Helps Improve Nonprofits

Read the full article in Philanthropy Journal News here. How nonprofits can leverage dashboards to make better business decisions Many nonprofit decision makers are embracing a powerful technology solution: dashboards. In the nonprofit sector, operating with unpredictable funding, managing large…

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