Dashboards: Tools for Better Management

How Effective Managers Use Dashboards Management is a balance of getting those under you to work well, while getting those above you to understand how well that work is going. Dashboards help with both. Using some of the most prevalent…

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Transparency Traps (And How To Avoid Them) 

Transparency: many of us hear this phrase all the time, and many more of us claim to want more of it. Companies want more transparency from their employees. Employees want more transparency from their employers. And customers want more transparency…

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How to Know if Your Meeting Was Effective

In the corporate work environment, meetings get a pretty bad rap. For many employees, few things evoke the levels of apprehension brought on by a pointless or unproductive company meeting. Even still, meetings are an important – if not integral…

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Motivate Employees with Data Sharing: Here’s How

Motivated employees build successful companies. If your company is going to sharpen its competitive edge, increasing employee motivation is a sure-fire path to realizing this goal. While the connection between employee motivation and your business’ success is clear, pinpointing factors…

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Employee Satisfaction, Your Business’ Success, & The Data Connecting Them

At iDashboards, we’ve talked about the importance of workplace diversity and how it influences your organization’s success. Now it’s time to uncover another set of metrics that can make your business a better place to work: data that reflects employee…

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How to Create a Data-Driven Culture that Sticks

How many times have you been in a meeting where someone makes an important business decision based entirely on intuition? It doesn’t inspire confidence when someone has an idea on how to increase revenue, productivity, or any other key metric…

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