#iDashboards17: Advanced Integrations – SSO, LDAP, and FOU

We have gotten some amazing feedback from our customers from our past users’ conferences. One theme we continued to hear, year over year, was the desire for more technical talk! It seems that our customers were hungry for more than…

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#iDashboards17: STOP! The Most Common Dashboard Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve seen a lot of dashboards, which means (inevitably) we’ve seen a lot of dashboard mistakes. There’s no shame in this (we’re all human, after all), but it doesn’t mean that those mistakes need to be repeated! Sean Warren and…

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#iDashboards17 Austin: Kicking Off With “What if?”

It’s a beautiful day in Austin, Texas! We’ve left a chilly and grey Michigan and gathered with iDashboards users from all around the country to discuss best practices, swap success stories, and share key insights. We began on Monday night…

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