The Power of Storyboarding Dashboards: Getting Your Data’s Real Story

Our team is constantly introducing new customers to iDashboards and our software, so we’ve heard almost every question possible. One way that we like to answer our new customers’ questions is through our dashboard storyboarding process. Many people hear “storyboarding”…

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Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty

On my daily commute, after one of Michigan’s most brutal winters, I have the opportunity to encounter multiple pot holes. Those nasty, alignment-altering holes that go deeper and deeper from the surface until they get to the nitty-gritty layer that…

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Advanced Filtering Technique

In this blog, you will learn an advanced filtering technique with the ‘Data Source Column’ method. Image 1 below shows a sales dashboard with 5 input parameters as follows: • Start Date • End Date • Product Line 1 •…

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Going Green with Business Intelligence Dashboards

Create a paperless office, recycle, use more natural light, print only bare minimums, and utilize internet-based conferencing; these are just some of the initiatives that companies are implementing in an effort to go green. Not only do these items help…

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