Visualizing Essential Hospitality KPIs in the Age of Big Data

The hospitality industry, like any other, has unique data management challenges. Combine a surplus of data sources and an industry with paper-thin margins, and you’ve got a situation in which opportunities for streamlining cannot be left on the table. Any…

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Cultivating Customer Loyalty – Collector’s Edition

By Jon Paradise No matter your business, customer loyalty is important.  Keeping your current customers happy keeps them coming back again and again.  They are the ones who will try your new product first, check out your latest development as…

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The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Hospitality Data

Lack of data is definitely not the problem in the hotel industry. Making sense (and use) of all the data is the challenge. Hotels oversee everything from guest metrics and social mentions, to front-of-house data, operations information, scheduling and staffing.…

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Hospitality Data Dominance

Read article in Hospitality Technology here. In the hotel industry, lack of data is not the problem. The challenge is actually making sense – and making use – of too much data. Hotel owners and operators already understand the value…

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Calling All Hoteliers: What is your data doing for you?

I recently returned from a trip to Minneapolis after attending this year’s HITEC show. As an HFTP member (Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals), it’s always a pleasure to connect with peers and discover what they’re doing at their properties. However,…

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