Higher Education

Emerging Dashboard Initiative Trends in Higher Education

Working with colleges and universities throughout the country has allowed me to recognize several common themes as to how institutions typically wish to roll out their higher education dashboards.  Often times, the dashboard initiative is driven by a need to…

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Spotlight On KPI: Higher Education Applicant Yield Rates

One of the most critical set of metrics for Higher Education organizations is related to applicant yield rates. In this blog I will discuss, and illustrate, an example of how this set of metrics can be visualized, beginning with the…

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Line Charts – Show more than financial data

Trending data can be a great way to predict and analyze the performance of any metric. There are many ways to represent data with a chart. However, the best chart type to display trending values is the line chart. Line…

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Dashboards Can Improve Student Success

Working within the education vertical at iDashboards, you see common interests for administrators. Whether it’s a K-12 school district Superintendent or a VP of Academic Affairs at a 20,000 student university, the need is consistent. How can we improve student…

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What is your university’s admission rate?

Could you give a figure on the spot? What about the persistence rates? How are you trending? These are some questions that, if you do not know the answer, should raise a red flag. Universities have typically relied on the…

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Why Dashboards Are Becoming Essential in Higher Education

Most educational institutions have had some sort of visual reporting tool in use for about the last 10 years. Different departments have relied on these visual reports to consolidate and view their data. Institutions that had the foresight to develop…

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