Part 2: Spotlight on Healthcare KPIs: AR Aging

In Part 1 of this series the focus was on displaying the aging buckets by Provider, and by Carrier (Insurance) for the 0 – 30 day bucket. With aging metrics the visualization is typically using a standard bar or pie…

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Part 1: Spotlight on Healthcare KPIs: AR Aging

Accounts receivable is a critical metric for every organization, but I have found in my experience in the healthcare industry there exists a strong focus on this particular metric all the way up to the executive level. Considering that we…

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Dashboards: Public or Private?

Public Dashboards: Then and Now Dashboards can provide wonderful insight into performance at an organization. Dashboards help manage goals, measure performance, and monitor key areas of operation. But the question remains, should your next dashboard be made public or limited…

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Line Charts – Show more than financial data

Trending data can be a great way to predict and analyze the performance of any metric. There are many ways to represent data with a chart. However, the best chart type to display trending values is the line chart. Line…

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iDashboards Attends the 2010 HFMA Conference

iDashboards recently attended the 2010 Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) Conference in Las Vegas.  The show is designed to bring industry leaders and vendors together to exchange ideas and promote products around financial management for healthcare organizations.  iDashboards’ main focus…

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Pay for Performance

Pay for Performance is more than just a buzz word in healthcare. With the resolve of Obama Administration to bring cost savings and quality improvement initiatives to healthcare, it is imperative that healthcare organizations see the direct bottom-line impact based…

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