5 Key Factors for Building Dashboards that “Wow”

Your dashboard is the key to your business. It holds all of the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your company at the click of a mouse. Of course, you probably already know that the beauty of a…

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Top Charts & Graphs to Use For Your Interactive Dashboard

Data visualization happens when data and design intersect. For most people who use interactive dashboards (we’ll call them “dashboarders”), the design stage is the most exciting – and fun – step in the dashboard process. This is where your ideas…

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Optimize your Brain Power with Data Visualization

Data. Data. Data. Everywhere data. The mind numbs at the thought. Daily I am talking with customers discussing their data challenges, where their data resides, and the notion that bringing data together into some meaningful sense is akin to herding…

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Color Your Data

Data can seem like a daunting stream of numbers across Excel spreadsheets and paper reports. However, it’s difficult for the brain to perceive too much data at one given time. Colors are a great way to decipher and help you…

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What is The Purpose of a Dashboard?

In today’s data-driven environment, business dashboards generate a lot of buzz. You’re probably reading this blog post because you find yourself asking one (or all) of the following questions: What are dashboards? What is the purpose of a dashboard? What…

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Spring Cleaning: Eliminate the Data Clutter

Using Dashboards to Eliminate Data Clutter I’ve owned three different homes. And I have accumulated a lot of stuff over those years, nearing what almost feels like hoarding status sometimes. It all becomes clutter. It becomes noise, especially when I’m…

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