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What Does Voter Turnout Look Like in America?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that the United States had itself a midterm election on November 6. While the results of some of the elections are still in question, the clearest result of all was…

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Smart Cities: Data Visualization in Local Government

Data visualization isn’t just for businesses, journalism, and nonprofits; it’s a tool that government at all levels can use to track data, communicate metrics, and better serve citizens. Local government, in particular, can make great use of big data and…

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Dashboards: Public or Private?

Public Dashboards: Then and Now Dashboards can provide wonderful insight into performance at an organization. Dashboards help manage goals, measure performance, and monitor key areas of operation. But the question remains, should your next dashboard be made public or limited…

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Line Charts – Show more than financial data

Trending data can be a great way to predict and analyze the performance of any metric. There are many ways to represent data with a chart. However, the best chart type to display trending values is the line chart. Line…

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Key to Dashboard Success: Storyboarding

Dashboards have become strategic plans for nearly every organization today as a means for monitoring the entire business, used to convey relevant, oftentimes real-time statistical information, pertaining to a dizzying array of metrics and KPIs. Doesn’t it then make sense…

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State of Michigan Rolls Out Online Dashboard

This week, Governor Rick Snyder gave his first State of the State address in Lansing, Michigan. He spoke about change for Michigan and the importance of setting clear, measurable goals. Governor Snyder announced the implementation of the Michigan Dashboard (www.michigan.gov/midashboard).…

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