Setting Goals, Working Towards Them, and Actually Achieving Them

Ironically, I’ve been meaning to write this blog post about setting goals for a few weeks now and just haven’t gotten around to it. Truly, it’s more of a January topic; the New Year brings not only a flood of…

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What It Takes To Be a Pro “Dashboarder”

What it Takes to Be a Pro “Dashboarder” It’s no secret: dashboards are the future, not to mention the present, of effective business reporting. Whether you’re new to digital reporting or are extremely comfortable with data processing, there’s always room…

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Motivate Employees with Data Sharing: Here’s How

Motivated employees build successful companies. If your company is going to sharpen its competitive edge, increasing employee motivation is a sure-fire path to realizing this goal. While the connection between employee motivation and your business’ success is clear, pinpointing factors…

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