finance KPIs

Your Guide to QuickBooks Online Dashboards

My background  As the Program Manager for Implementation and Solutions Consulting for iDashboards, I’m focused on the success of our clients through onboarding and professional services. During my time at iDashboards, I’ve held several roles, starting as a Pre-Sales Engineer,…

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5 Critical KPIs Every CFO Must Track

In the midst of a lingering pandemic with team members working remotely and in-and-out financial expenditure being ever more important to track, it becomes critical for team members to monitor and report key metrics to the head of financial decisions…

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The Different Types of Financial Dashboards & How to Use Them

No matter what business sector you’re in, raising the bottom line is probably your organization’s chief KPI. While spreadsheets are a longstanding – if not iconic – tool used by countless finance professionals and departments, they fall short of delivering…

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5 Simple Steps to Sow Financial Stability (with Data)

Achieving and maintaining financial stability is complex, and requires the help of nearly every department within an organization. While most companies look to their financial statements to determine the health and stability of the organization, financial statements alone are not…

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