employee engagement

How to Communicate & Engage with Remote Employees

In the past decade, remote employment has consistently been on the rise. Thanks to digital technologies, companies have been given the freedom of providing it as an option. Nearly half of American workers say they spend at least some time…

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Get Engaged: Practical Tips for Increasing Dashboard User Adoption

Business dashboards are powerful tools that can increase data transparency and utility. They make it significantly easier for businesses across all industries to quickly view key performance indicators and other important short- and long-term data so they may adjust their…

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Engage to Innovate or Innovate to Engage – Which Comes First?

CEOs and managers regularly spout the benefits of increased employee engagement. They cite the benefits of lower turnover rates, increased productivity, a safer workplace, higher profits, and less wasted expenditure as their top reasons for wanting a more involved team.…

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How Dashboards (And Weight Loss Challenges!) Boost Your Company Culture

Weighing in on the role of Dashboards in Corporate Culture Every January, some of our most intrepid and motivated employees compete to see who can lose the most weight between January 1 and March 31. In 2017, eleven of our…

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