Tips & Tricks to Help You Rediscover the Truth in Data Reporting

Remember that kid in school who got a 4.0 GPA without even trying? It’s great to be naturally smart, but education can be more valuable when you work for it. In many ways, data reporting is the same. Collecting information…

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How Educators Can Get More Done with Dashboards

From student performance and enrollment rates to financial reports and program efficiency, higher education involves data and a lot of it. Upon my return from Educause, I realized even more that educators often feel that gathering and deploying this information…

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First Impressions with Moore Norman Technology Center

Joy Bendrick has been serving the Moore Norman Technology Center as Data Management Coordinator since 2009. Her historical knowledge of MNTC and its strategic planning and accreditation processes have equipped her to maintain records from both the district and product…

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Education Data Sets: What we’ve Learned from Data.gov

According to Lauren Kent, “As of 2013, America’s high school dropout rate had reached a record low: Just 7% of 18- to 24-year-olds that year had dropped out of high school, down from 12% in 2000.” Education is something everyone…

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