5 Reasons Why Dashboards Throw Spreadsheets out the “Windows”

5 Reasons Why Dashboards Throw Spreadsheets out the “Windows” So you haven’t made the jump to dashboards just yet… and you’re still relying on reports you’ve been using for decades. If you’re like most, you’re probably pulling numbers into Microsoft…

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What It Takes To Be a Pro “Dashboarder”

What it Takes to Be a Pro “Dashboarder” It’s no secret: dashboards are the future, not to mention the present, of effective business reporting. Whether you’re new to digital reporting or are extremely comfortable with data processing, there’s always room…

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Why Drilldowns Rock

Looking for information through hundreds of Excel spreadsheets is a daunting task. Your CEO asked for you to pull up a report on why sales are down in the 4th quarter and you find yourself shuffling through anything you can…

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4 Ways To Use An Interactive Dashboard

What Is An Interactive Dashboard? Interactive dashboards provide real-time insight into key metrics by allowing users to visualize, filter, and dig deeper into their data. They enable end-users to directly interact with their data, which allows them to develop a…

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A New Way to Drilldown Hierarchies through Input Parameters

As a consultant for iDashboards, I work with customers to help build their dashboard solutions. Along the way, they never cease to surprise me with creative new challenges and ideas for their dashboard designs. During one of my recent trips,…

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Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty

On my daily commute, after one of Michigan’s most brutal winters, I have the opportunity to encounter multiple pot holes. Those nasty, alignment-altering holes that go deeper and deeper from the surface until they get to the nitty-gritty layer that…

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