INFOGRAPHIC: Fundamental Principles for Data Visualization Design

Design is what makes a data visualization pop. Without implementing conscious design choices, data can be misunderstood, misidentified, or simply missed. Fortunately, there are certain design principles that you can apply to your next dashboard or data visualization that will…

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Get Inspired: 19 Inspiring Data Viz Designs

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut when it comes to designing effective and visually appealing dashboards? It happens to the best of us. Creative block is real, and sometimes you just need a little jolt of inspiration.…

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Painting by Numbers: Designing Your Data Picture

Visual data analytics give a whole new meaning to the phrase “painting by numbers”. Much like when painting by numbers, it can be difficult to see the final product when you begin – everything just looks like numbers and lines!…

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Neuroaesthetics and Informative Art

What is Neuroaesthetics? You are probably familiar with the term “aesthetics.” Though in modern times, it’s largely been co-opted by the beauty industry, it has applications far beyond waxing and chemical peels. From a philosophical lens, aesthetics is the branch…

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Data Visualization and the 9 Fundamental Design Principles

What are the 9 Principles of Design? The 9 principles of design weren’t created for data gurus to build applications or dashboards; they’re the essential building blocks artists use to paint and sculpt. Still, the concepts behind these design fundamentals…

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Unpacking the Laws of Visual Perception

Our brains are unimaginably complex. Neuroscience is sometimes considered the true final frontier; our internal selves are as expansive as the universe itself. While there are many aspects of cognitive processing that we have yet to understand, the area of…

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