Real-Time and Right-Time Business Intelligence

Every day we make decisions that can impact, to varying degrees, the chain of events to follow. Some decisions require less of a direct conscious effort, and we barely have to think twice before making them. Many become innate to…

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4 Tools & Techniques for Enhanced Decision-Making

Business leaders make hundreds of decisions every day, many of which influence the success of the business as a whole. No pressure, right? That’s why one of the top skills sought after for managers is the ability to make efficient,…

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Data Driven Decisions, Learning, and Cognition

There’s a lot of discussion around “data-driven decision making,” but what does that look like in reality? Ideally, we’d like to use data to make decisions that are objectively “correct”, but unfortunately humans aren’t objective creatures. Despite the fact that…

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#iDashboards16: How to Win the Enterprise Implementation Cage Match

You’ve reached our live blog straight from Las Vegas! #iDashboards16 is kicking off a session titled “How to Win the Enterprise Implementation Cage Match”. iDashboards’ Channel Manager John Melucci moderated this informative session with our amazing clients, Heather Rudolph of…

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