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Money Hides Mistakes: Managing Operational Risks During and After COVID-19

COVID-19 has immediately exposed operating deficiencies for all types of businesses and non-profit operations. When business is good and cashflow or revenue is consistently rising year over year, operating missteps or strategic model weaknesses are hidden. Why? Because money hides…

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Data is King: Using Actionable Data to Accomplish 2021 Goals

By now, we hope you already have dashboards in place and your data at your fingertips. But if you are not capitalizing on having your most critical data easily accessible, your team is missing out on the opportunity to manage…

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Quality Measures and Telehealth: The Case for Dashboards in Pharmaceuticals

Prior to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, telehealth functioned as an optional form of health-related service for those that relied on care that was accessible, convenient, and quality. Back in March of last year (2020), there was an understandable 154% increase…

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Designing Dashboards for (Q1) Decision-Making

As data is becoming increasingly accessible across all industries, it’s no surprise that many companies are no longer confident in making their decisions based solely on intuition or a “gut feeling”. In fact, 91% of companies say that data-driven decision…

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Real-Time and Right-Time Business Intelligence

Every day we make decisions that can impact, to varying degrees, the chain of events to follow. Some decisions require less of a direct conscious effort, and we barely have to think twice before making them. Many become innate to…

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Data Literacy in a Post-COVID World

While we still find ourselves amidst a global pandemic, business contingency plans are subject to not only focus on the now and unforeseen future, but also on the landscape they may face years from now. Simultaneously devoting management efforts to…

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