data trends

5 Very Interesting Data Sets on Data.gov

Did you know that algorithms from data collection are being used to create music? Most people don’t think of data beyond something on a spreadsheet. Data sets are used to analyze everything from climate change to clean energy statistics.  Although…

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How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to the 2016 iDashboards Conference

It can be pretty tough to get away from the office; heck, even lunch meetings with clients end up getting catered and brought to the conference room. But what if your employer sent you out of the office for training?…

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Non-Profit Data Trends

How Non-Profits Can Show Return On Investment Recently, I was reading an article by James V. Toscano of Toscano Advisors that talked about the non-profit data trends of the past in order to predict the emerging trends for the future.…

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KDOC Unveils New Interactive Dashboard

  iDashboards allows users to view KDOC statistics in a more user friendly format through visual charts and graphs. Data provided through iDashboards includes: offense characteristics, parole rates and offender demographics.

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