data transparency

When Data Visualizations Mislead (And How to Prevent It)

There are numerous benefits to communicating important information through visualizations, whether it be rapidly processing information or gaining better understanding of trends in your data. Nowadays, you don’t even need a degree in Data Science to create compelling data visualizations.…

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Transparency Traps (And How To Avoid Them) 

Transparency: many of us hear this phrase all the time, and many more of us claim to want more of it. Companies want more transparency from their employees. Employees want more transparency from their employers. And customers want more transparency…

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Smart Cities: Data Visualization in Local Government

Data visualization isn’t just for businesses, journalism, and nonprofits; it’s a tool that government at all levels can use to track data, communicate metrics, and better serve citizens. Local government, in particular, can make great use of big data and…

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Curing Data Challenges in Healthcare

When it comes to data, the healthcare industry faces some unique challenges. Most of us tend to think of data as being very structured and linear, but healthcare data can be complex and, frankly, messy. The volume of data the…

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#iDashboards16 – Data Transparency: I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!

Marisa Pierron with iDashboards live blogged the Data Transparency session at our iDashboards conference. Moderator Stephen Misajlovski spoke with Allan Marmorstein and Tamila Bezden from Firstrust Bank on how they handle data distribution within their company and how others can…

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Data Transparency & Its Importance for Your Organization

With the advent of the Internet and big data, businesses leaders are slowly changing their mentality from a “need to know” basis to complete transparency. Companies that have become more transparent have seen a huge boost in morale. It’s unsurprising…

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