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Automate your Data Monitoring with iDashboards Reports & Alerts

To succeed in today’s data driven world of business, you need to be able to make decisions quickly and effectively. iDashboards’ reports and alerts allow you to automate time-consuming tasks and mitigate the chance of human error, so you can…

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3 Steps to Determine How Dashboards are Best Suited for your Business

You’ve got the data, you’re pulling reports; but like many other businesses and organizations alike, you may find your team is asking the question, “How are we using our data?” While this is the right question to ask, teams should…

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Leaders – It’s Time to Change the Way You Make Decisions

As we close out the first month of the new decade, our personal resolutions have become more realistic and the expectations for how to reach them are hopefully clearer. The same goes for businesses and the key players within them.…

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How to Run a Data-Driven Meeting

Back in 2019, the cost of poorly organized meetings was estimated to reach $399 billion in the US and $58 billion in the UK, according to a study on 19 million meetings and 6,500 interviews with working professionals. We built…

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Scorecards VS Dashboards: You don’t need to choose between the two

With the increasing need to manage unstructured data and maintain a competitive advantage, the world is embracing analytics head-on. It is important for any organization adopting analytics to find the structure and method that best suits their metrics, intended use,…

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