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Public Safety Data Sets From Data.gov That Will Keep You Informed

Public Safety data sets record vital information that keeps people secure and safe. From weather warnings to vehicle recalls, organizations use this data to protect people, perform their jobs more efficiently, and predict future trends. Take a look at the…

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Five Data Sets the Manufacturing Industry Tracks from Data.gov

Manufacturing accounts for nearly 11.2 percent of America’s Gross Domestic Product. The manufacturing industry is constantly growing and changing, and data is important to tracking these changes. Data is used in this sector to track commodities, shipping, along with thousands…

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Homegrown Agriculture Data Sets from Data.gov

Agriculture is the backbone of the United States and the data sets keeping a record of it are just as varied as its crops and animals. Understanding the locations of farmland and how much crops each state yields is vitally…

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Adding up Finance Data Sets from Data.gov

If there is money or stocks in involved, there is sure to be a finance data set nearby. Finance is a part of many facets of our lives and so is the data behind it. From banking to investing, data…

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Education Data Sets: What we’ve Learned from Data.gov

According to Lauren Kent, “As of 2013, America’s high school dropout rate had reached a record low: Just 7% of 18- to 24-year-olds that year had dropped out of high school, down from 12% in 2000.” Education is something everyone…

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5 Surprising Data Sets in Healthcare from Data.gov

Did you know that hospitals use a document called the Chargemaster to determine the prices they charge patients? Neither did we. While everyone knows that data is important in the healthcare industry, sometimes we underestimate how many applications there are…

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