data preparation

Data Hub Transformations

While dealing with data is a necessary part of any business, it isn’t always easy to work with. Oftentimes, data needs to be transformed or set up in a way that allows it to be grouped, aggregated, and filtered before…

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Everything You Need to Know About the Data Lifecycle

When data enters a database, one of two things can happen: it’s either scrubbed, organized, and used, or it grows stale and outdated. Data Lifecycle Management (also known as “DLM”) is the process by which organizations gather, store, and use…

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Big Data vs. Small Data – What’s the Difference?

Understanding data and how it influences your business strategy is a straight-up necessity in today’s world, and chances are you have a pretty good idea of how your data works. Big data is a common topic of discussion in the…

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Data Preparation, Demystified

Data visualizations are the flashy result of data analysts’ work, and there is no shortage of beautiful and engaging examples these days. Still, unless an audience member is a data analyst him or herself, it’s difficult to see all the…

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Updates: v9.7 and the Next Generation of the Data Hub

Yesterday, we released the latest version of iDashboards, v9.7, and with it the next generation of the iDashboards Data Hub. Our developers have been hard at work, adding more and more features to the ETL tool that simplify the data…

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