data management

How to get Embed with iDashboards

For a long time, there have been rumors of iDashboards being embed with SharePoint. But lately, people are hearing rumors of iDashboards being embed with any web page! iDashboards can be embedded into other web-technologies. This topic will provide examples…

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The Product is the Process

A note to the Senior Executives – your “product” is the delivery of information and needs to be updated. In a recent US Today article entitled “How CEOs are Nearly Illiterate about Technology”, Michael Wolff noted that politicians talking about…

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Don’t Sweat the Data Side

iDashboards is the best option for customers looking to interactively visualize and analyze their data through the dashboards they build. When I am out training new customers, I always start out with my introductory remarks by telling the customer that…

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The Next Big Thing

So imagine its 1990 and the average desktop computer has a hard drive worth all of 40 MB and a cost per gigabyte of around $11,000. Fast forward to Y2K and we have consumers clamoring for a few hundred megabytes,…

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“Star Database”

Last week someone asked me if I knew anything about “Star Database”. At the time, I did not. However, I did know about the Star schema/structure of that “data warehouse”. These tech jargons keep making their way into the discussions…

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Data ≠ Wisdom

“Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom.” – Clifford Stoll, famous author and astronomer So what’s the trick? How do we turn data into information and ultimately into wisdom? We could…

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