data integrity

Reaching Data Quality

With so many companies moving towards a data-driven culture, collecting and looking at more data points every day, data quality is a term you are going to start hearing more of. What is Data Quality? Data Quality means you have…

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When Data Visualizations Mislead (And How to Prevent It)

There are numerous benefits to communicating important information through visualizations, whether it be rapidly processing information or gaining better understanding of trends in your data. Nowadays, you don’t even need a degree in Data Science to create compelling data visualizations.…

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How to Ensure Data Quality

Data Quality: How to Build, Maintain, and Own Your Data For some, the difference between high-quality data and “bad” data seems simple. It’s either right or wrong, accurate or inaccurate. When you dig a little deeper though, you’ll find the…

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3 Ways to Present More Accurate Charts: Or, How to Avoid Leading People On

Across the globe, businesses are at a simultaneously empowering and frightening place where data is concerned. They have more of it, more avenues to access it, and more ways to share it. One such way to share data has been…

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Top Four Tips for Establishing Data Governance

Beautiful dashboards, sleek graphics, and all the right design elements do not good data make. Data is only as useful as it is accurate, and even just one little mistake can send a business into a downward spiral. Unfortunately, too…

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