data governance

3 Steps to Determine How Dashboards are Best Suited for your Business

You’ve got the data, you’re pulling reports; but like many other businesses and organizations alike, you may find your team is asking the question, “How are we using our data?” While this is the right question to ask, teams should…

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Turning Data Availability into Data Accessibility

Inaccurate and unstructured data are two of the most predominant challenges businesses endure when it comes to making data a viable asset. There is, however, an additional issue that is both inhibiting to organizations and increasingly more important as we…

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Data Architecture: Building & Managing a Data Framework

The first thing you should know about data architecture is that your organization already has one – whether you realize it or not. That’s because data architecture refers to two things: the way that information flows through and around your…

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Top Four Tips for Establishing Data Governance

Beautiful dashboards, sleek graphics, and all the right design elements do not good data make. Data is only as useful as it is accurate, and even just one little mistake can send a business into a downward spiral. Unfortunately, too…

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