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5 Reasons Why Dashboards Throw Spreadsheets out the “Windows”

5 Reasons Why Dashboards Throw Spreadsheets out the “Windows” So you haven’t made the jump to dashboards just yet… and you’re still relying on reports you’ve been using for decades. If you’re like most, you’re probably pulling numbers into Microsoft…

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What is a Dashboard?

What is a Data Dashboard? Dashboards for business are the next innovation that will turn your company around. You might be asking yourself, well, isn’t a dashboard the thing on my car? Yes, but I’m talking about data dashboards for…

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Non-Profit Data Trends

How Non-Profits Can Show Return On Investment Recently, I was reading an article by James V. Toscano of Toscano Advisors that talked about the non-profit data trends of the past in order to predict the emerging trends for the future.…

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The Recent Hype Cycles of Business Intelligence

Having seen the last 15 years of business intelligence (BI) developments, one unmistakable phenomenon is the hype cycles within this segment. Hype cycles are like tornadoes – they start with a little shake-up in a few intellectual minds and then…

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