data dashboard

Simple Data Forms: The iDashboards Form Builder

Whenever companies come to us looking to visualize their data, we always encounter clients that have similar pain points with their data. Whether it is human reporting errors, inefficient reporting processes, or inaccurate entry, data challenges are ubiquitous in any…

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Data Literacy in a Post-COVID World

While we still find ourselves amidst a global pandemic, business contingency plans are subject to not only focus on the now and unforeseen future, but also on the landscape they may face years from now. Simultaneously devoting management efforts to…

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What is a Data Dashboard?

What is a Data Dashboard? A data dashboard is a tool used for information management and business intelligence, utilizing the interactive elements of data visualization to communicate metrics and help users visually understand complex relationships in their data. Much like…

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Does Your Data Need a Dashboard?

It should come as no surprise that every organization needs data to compete and find success in today’s business landscape. The most challenging part, however, is turning your data into information that audiences want to consume. That means choosing the…

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