data connections

3 Steps to Determine How Dashboards are Best Suited for your Business

You’ve got the data, you’re pulling reports; but like many other businesses and organizations alike, you may find your team is asking the question, “How are we using our data?” While this is the right question to ask, teams should…

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Data Connections: How Dashboards Make Reporting More Accurate

Data reporting and business intelligence (BI) go together like peanut butter and jelly. For many BI projects, the “technical aspect” can get a bit sticky – especially when it comes to data connections. In fact, one of the most common…

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iDashboards connects with Andar/360

One of the best features of iDashboards—and one that truly sets it apart from other data visualization solutions—is its ability to integrate with other products and solutions in a way that helps decision-makers get the most out of their critical…

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