data blending

#iDashboards16 – iDashboards Data Integrator: Data Blended Not Stirred

There is not a single company that doesn’t love the idea of dashboards if they don’t already have it. What’s the number one reason why they don’t have it yet? Data. The data isn’t where it needs to be for…

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Extract, Transform…You Lost Me! How Self-Service ETL Tools Empower the Data-Thirsty

I began evaluating self-service ETL (extract, transform, load) tools at the beginning of 2015, and my lack of knowledge about the industry meant I was the right person to evaluate ease of use and general functionality. I researched more than…

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iDashboards Launches Version 9.0 With New State-Of-The-Art Features

As a pioneer in the development of business intelligence dashboards, we’re excited to announce the release of iDashboards version 9.0 (v9.0) with enhanced features and products, including iDashboards Data Integrator (iDl)! The newest version of our data visualization software delivers…

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