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How To Visualize Social Media Metrics

A strong social media strategy is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. Social media’s influence and impact continues to grow, and companies and organizations across industry are seeking to amplify, and measure, their efforts. If you’ve spent much time…

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The Data Analyst’s Secret Weapon

How data visualization can help your company and your career Not long ago, Harvard Business Review named “Data Scientist” the “sexiest job of the 21st century” – and we’re inclined to agree. In short, Database Analysts turn raw numbers into…

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Better Decision Making Through Intuitive Dashboards

As seen in GovCIO Outlook’s April 2016 Issue. The elevation in the availability of data is transforming the way in which government agencies execute their critical decisions. These large sets of data integrated from myriad systems can only be productive…

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The Cost-Saving Power Of Dashboard Technology

Read the full article on Manufacturing Business Technology here. Saving millions of dollars and improving efficiency and quality is an intriguing proposition for many manufacturers. Luckily, visualizing their data through business dashboards can help any organization easily spot hidden trends,…

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The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Hospitality Data

Lack of data is definitely not the problem in the hotel industry. Making sense (and use) of all the data is the challenge. Hotels oversee everything from guest metrics and social mentions, to front-of-house data, operations information, scheduling and staffing.…

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