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Spring Cleaning: Eliminate the Data Clutter

Using Dashboards to Eliminate Data Clutter I’ve owned three different homes. And I have accumulated a lot of stuff over those years, nearing what almost feels like hoarding status sometimes. It all becomes clutter. It becomes noise, especially when I’m…

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Practicing What We Preach – Providing Practical Solutions through Data Visualization

I have been with iDashboards for several years, and in that time I have indulged in some ideas for programs and other initiatives I believed would benefit our company. Unfortunately, any time a new program idea surfaced, it brought with…

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iDashboards Launches Version 9.0 With New State-Of-The-Art Features

As a pioneer in the development of business intelligence dashboards, we’re excited to announce the release of iDashboards version 9.0 (v9.0) with enhanced features and products, including iDashboards Data Integrator (iDl)! The newest version of our data visualization software delivers…

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Using Dashboards Effectively in Supply Chain Management

With the amount of data available for supply chain management (SCM) companies to utilize, it is easy to overlook the tiny, yet critical details. The vast amount of information received creates more of a challenge when determining vital information to…

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The Real Scoop on Dashboards

The term “dashboards” in the business world still generates a lot of confusion. Unfortunately, many decision makers don’t know what dashboards are, what they do, and, subsequently, how these products can help them make better business decisions that lead to…

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Dashboards and Reports

I recently had an interesting conversation with someone at a trade show. The main question revolved around the difference between “reporting” and “dashboards”. Having been in the business intelligence space for awhile, it’s not the first time I’ve been asked…

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