Corporate Culture

iDashboards Gives Back – Volunteering at Michigan Humane Society

It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference. That’s what I was reminded of when I left the Michigan Humane Society, having spent the morning volunteering with several of my co-workers. One Tuesday morning in February, that’s all it…

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How Dashboards (And Weight Loss Challenges!) Boost Your Company Culture

Weighing in on the role of Dashboards in Corporate Culture Every January, some of our most intrepid and motivated employees compete to see who can lose the most weight between January 1 and March 31. In 2017, eleven of our…

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Meet the Pets of iDashboards!

Some companies talk a big game about treating their employees like family, but here at iDashboards, we take it to heart. Personally, I’ve never been with an organization that works and plays together so well as we do here. Whether…

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Tired of Meetings That Waste Your Time? Dashboards Can Fix That.

Let’s talk about meetings. In the professional world, meetings tend to get a bad rap, probably because they take a lot of time and are (often) debatably productive. In fact, The Muse describes the amount of time people spend in…

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How to Troubleshoot Your HR Department with Data Visualization

Human Resources (HR) is a tricky business. With responsibilities like payroll, employee orientation, dispute resolution, recruitment, and talent acquisition, it’s safe to say your HR department weighs heavily on the overall success of your company. Unlike other departments, such as…

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